Dragon Boat Races

Out of an abundance of caution for our staff and our community, The Alexandria Museum of Art will not be holding our premier annual fundraising event, The Louisiana Dragonboat Races in 2021. The event is now rescheduled for next year on Saturday, May 7, 2022.

Race Day: May 7, 2022

  • 20 Paddlers, a minimum of 8 female paddlers must be in the boat at all times
  • 1 Drummer
  • Optional alternate paddlers allowed
  • Practices take place on evenings the week leading up to the event
  • Practices will include the basics of paddling, the basics of racing, and safety instruction.
  • Each registered team receives a 10’x10’ tent space area along the river.
  • Paddles, life vests, boats, drums, and steerspersons will be provided to each team at practice and on the day of the race
  • Teams that bring their own equipment must use the regulation equipment

What is Dragon Boat Racing?

  • Ultimate Team Building Activity
  • The sport involves 20 team members paddling in unison to a drummer’s beat in a long, narrow boat decorated at bow and stern with a dragon’s head and tail.
  • This 2,500 year-old Chinese sport is said to have “a visceral feel that appeals to everyone.”
  • Dragon boat racing is recognized for the camaraderie,strength and endurance fostered among the participants and has become extremely popular as a corporate team building activity.

Dragon Boat Festivals

  • Dragon boat races are held in conjunction with community waterfront festivals and events, feature an exhilarating combination of premier sport competition in concert with local community and entertainment showcase for corporations, community organizations, and families.
  • They provide great opportunities for sponsors to reach a diverse group of consumers and business networks through an innovative medium.

Fundraising & Philanthropy

  • Dragon boat races and festivals promote the social responsibility of corporate sponsors by giving them the opportunity to support charities and worthwhile causes through their association with these family-friendly, community events.

Sponsorship ROI

  • In addition to the philanthropic benefits already mentioned, festival sponsors are thanked and recognized in several ways in the months leading up to race day, and prominently identified across the festival footprint. Some of the ways sponsors are thanked and recognized are:
  • Race Sponsors are given a team boat to be used by their employees, or their designated proxies. Some sponsors have
  • even chosen to pass on their team boat to a charity.
  • Race Sponsors are recognized in all online, radio, TV, print (newspapers, posters, etc) PSA/Advertisements.
  • Race Sponsors are listed on all official team t-shirts.
  • Race Sponsors are given the opportunity to take part in a series of testimonial videos promoted through AMoA’s content marketing channels.