Connected Visions Louisiana Artistic Lineage

Opened in October 2017, this exhibition spotlights the development of Louisiana art in the state through connections between artists and educators, and is the first permanent exhibition of works from the AMoA Collection.

The world of art in Louisiana is heavily influenced by a web of connectivity between artists through education, working relationships, artist’s collectives, and more. This exhibition investigates the relationships between these artists. In researching the collection, we at the AMoA realized how connected the artists are within our collection. 
 Beginning with the Woodward brothers, the relationships continued through contemporary and local artists. The exhibition is arranged so that related artists are displayed near each other whenever possible, grouped together by school and association. We have also provided a graphic which shows the relationships between Louisiana artists within the exhibition and, when relevant, their relationship to outside organizations. These associations help to strengthen the heritage of Louisiana art, and we plan to continue researching the collection in this regard.

Connected Visions will not be a static exhibition by any means. The exhibit will be on display for five years, and we will update the works or artists periodically to keep the exhibition fresh and to update the research and information. Work from the permanent collection is displayed in our beautiful third floor galleries, with connected works displayed in our lobby and café.

AMoA posts weekly to Facebook and Instagram sharing the history behind each of the artists and work included in Connected Visions: Louisiana's Artistic Lineage. We share content from our collection as well as from our partners at 64 Parishes. To view each post individually that is from our social media series of Connected Visions: Louisiana's Artistic Lineage, click the links below!