29th September Competition

The 29th September Competition is an annual juried exhibition highlighting the work of contemporary artists in all media and styles created within the past two years.  47 artworks selected from over 300 international submissions are included in the exhibition and featured in a full-color print catalog.  This year, the 45 selected artists represent 2 countries, 18 states, and 40 cities.

Juror-designated awards are presented to artists selected from the exhibited works.

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Selected artists:

Cariappa Annaiah                            Julia Barbee

David Bartlett                                  Sally Brogden

Troy Bunch                                      Kyoosang Choi

Jerry Cook                                       Briar Craig

Mariah Doren                                   Julie Eisenberg- Pitman

Leslie Elliottsmith                            Sabre Esler

Brian Fickett                                    Mark Gordon

Leslie Graff                                     Lindsy Halleckson

Jian Hang                                        Kenneth Hayden

Brian Huber                                    Ron Koehler

Zeralda La Grange                           Sarah Leahy

Andrew  Leventis                            Rafael  Lopez-Ramos

Benjamin Madeska                          Rosemary Meza-Des Plas

Peter Milder                                    PJ Mills

Kate Mitchell                                   Paul Nettles

Lake Newton                                   Lynx Nguyen

Shardi ONeal                                   Aline Piacun

Mike Ramsey                                   Sophia Ruppert

Karoline Schleh & John Seefeldt       Dan Simoneau

Wendy Starn                                    Sean Sweeney

Denise Tarantino                             Bethany Taylor

Ira Upin                                           Cedric  van Eenoo

Hannah  Walters


 A wide spectrum of artists made a variety of work for this show. The selections were done over a period of several weeks and in several rounds to whittle the 300 some odd works down to around 50.

How I choose the work was the easy part. Why is a different story. I work and observe from an intuitive position so the choice of work is reflected in this manner of thinking. To me, Artwork is a visual language.  Some people can speak this language very well with paint, photography or any manner of medium. So I chose work as best I could that spoke to me from what was presented. Other criteria that formed a basis for judging were technical proficiency, a unique manner of expression, consistency of work across the photos presented and ideas, but not necessarily in that order. The majority of the digital photography of the work was good, with only a few works presented poorly.

I’d like first to thank the Alexandria Museum of Art for putting on this show and I’d like to thank all the artists for participating.

I congratulate the artists that were selected for moving me in some way. It was a challenge and pleasure to judge the work for this competition.

Francis Pavy

About the Juror:

AMoA proudly welcomes Francis Pavy as the juror for the 29th September Competition. Francis Pavy’s paintings, sculptures, constructions, and prints are inspired by his Cajun heritage and Southern storytelling traditions. He lives and works in Lafayette, Louisiana.  Pavy earned a BFA in Sculpture from the University of Southwestern Louisiana (now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette), where he studied under artist Elemore Morgan, Jr.  He has exhibited throughout the United States and in Europe in solo, invitational, and group exhibitions.  Pavy is represented by the Arthur Roger Gallery in New Orleans, the Parchman Stremmel Gallery in San Antonio, and the Barbara Archer Gallery in Atlanta.