The Alexandria Museum of Art invites you to join The AMoA Collector’s Circle to help shape the growth of your Museum’s permanent collection. Whether you are an art collector, enthusiast, or want to learn more about art, this group is for you! 

Each year our events will include a local day trip to a museum or private collection, a Sweltering Summer Sojourn weekend trip to a regional location, and an Art Abroad week-long trip to an international location. All Collector's Circle events will feature art and cultural opportunities in our selected destination.  Please join us for events and opportunities exclusive to Collector’s Circle members! 

Some of the exclusive benefits include:

  •    Recognition as a Collector’s Circle member in our newsletter and on the website
  •    Opportunities to attend member only visits to exhibits, galleries, artist studios, private collections, behind the scenes tours of museums, and educational events.
  •    Participate in the selection and purchase of art, with funds generated by the Collector’s Circle, for AMoA’s permanent collection from works presented by museum Director, Curator and collections committee. 


In addition to your yearly membership, the cost to join the AMoA Collector’s Circle is:

            $500 per member

            $250 per junior member (under 40)

To help us build an awesome collection, join the collector’s circle today by contacting Megan Valentine at or 318-443-3458.