A Chance of Rain

A Chance of Rain


Dana Mano-Flank

(San Carlos, California) 

Mixed Media 

Dana Mano-Flank is an artist with a focus on nature, who incorporates the wabi-sabi aesthetic in her compositions. Wabi-sabi is a traditional Japanese aesthetic which signifies acceptance of transience and imperfection. Dana seeks to create awareness, insight, and explores the fragile connections between nature and human society. In her mixed-media paintings she incorporates wabi-sabi and captures the small and simple beauty of nature. She integrates natural materials found in our forests, quarries and oceans, as well as pigments, pastes and mediums and recreates organic textures on her canvases. A conscious effort to honor the mundane and incidental is part of Dana’s artistic philosophy. She wants the viewer to be drawn into the work and contemplate the fragile connection we have with nature as well as the moral weight of our influence on it.