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Eric L. Reed: A Still Photo Journey through Film in Central Louisiana

December 6th to February 22nd

Eric L. Reed is a photographer based in Pineville, Louisiana. His still photographs document the production experience of the first project of Alexis Crew Productions featuring many of central Louisiana’s creative individuals blending in seamlessly into the filmmaking process. The short film project included local crew members and actors as well as a shell crew from outside the state who served as teachers and mentors to locals in all aspects of film production. The Day I Finally Decided to Kill Myself (2013), a 19-minute film, is a thought provoking journey that follows a young man through his final day of life. Having struggled with thoughts of suicide for quite some time, Carl finally awakens with the courage to take his life. However, unforeseen obstacles delay his plan and force him back into a series of unfortunate circumstances and encounters that ultimately make his final decision a reality.

Alexis Crew Productions (ACP), founded by Actress/Producer Faith Ford and Writer/Director Campion Murphy, is a grassroots endeavor designed to establish a diverse and cohesive film crew base in Central Louisiana. ACP has joined alliances with the City of Alexandria to help cultivate production opportunities that will enable qualified locals to hone & develop skills, while training alongside film industry professionals. The goal of Alexis Crew Productions is to assist the City of Alexandria in maintaining a consistent presence in the State Film Industry while building a solid local crew that will continue to thrive for generations to come.

Eric L. Reed is the owner of Eric L. Reed Photography, member of the Professional Photographers of Louisiana, and he teaches photography at Louisiana State University at Alexandria.


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