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Current Exhibitions

Witness to Wartime: Takuichi Fujii

"20,000 Japs Lost", Still life with newspaper, 1944

Witness to Wartime: Takuichi Fujii introduces an artist whose work opens a window to historical events, issues, and ideas far greater than the individual. Takuichi Fujii (1891-1964) bore witness to his life in America and, most especially, to his experience during World War II.

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Connected Visions: Louisiana's Artistic Lineage

An exhibition 40 years in the making! 

Opened in October 2017, this exhibition spotlights the development of Louisiana art 
in the state through connections between artists and educators. 

Beginning with Ellsworth and William Woodward this web of connectivity between artists
in the state reaches to the present day, and will spotlight the development
of Louisiana art in the state through connections between artists and educators.

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